Thursday, October 9, 2008

"A goalie has to show he's confident to his teammates, as well as himself," Patrick Roy said. "You are the last guy before that special red line. You have to make yourself confident. You make yourself hard to beat."

Welcome to Between the Red and White, a blog spot about all things hockey, especially the Buffalo Sabres and Washington Capitals. The main focus of this blog, though, is the players that are between the pipes every game, standing between a save and the white ice of other words, the goalies. I will try to update once every month once the season starts; sometimes more, if I can manage. So, welcome to BRW!


Shelby Rose said...

You know, I read the subtitle and went 'So the Washington Capitals are first over the Buffalo Sabres...' :P

Just kidding. Welcome to the other blogging world!

Fivehole said...

Oh hell no. Remember that the Sabres used to wear red. (;

Shelby Rose said...

You're right!
Ah, the wonderful goathead.

Fivehole said...

And the alternate. Still one of my favorites.

Shelby Rose said...

Speaking of the alternate, I need to put mine in a special place now that Stu Barnes is working behind the Dallas bench.

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